intern diaries: second edition!

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Hello again, Parish readers! I’m back for my second edition of the intern diaries!  This past few weeks have been just as packed with learning as the rest! Mainly, I have been realizing how different each client is and how unique each of their wants and needs are. Whether it’s a full renovation, or just a small refresh in a room or two, each client brings something interesting to the table. In school, we learn about tending to people’s everyday needs such as kids, working from home, dogs, cats, etc. But recently we have had to take one need into consideration that I never thought I would see…. Goats. One of our clients is in the middle of a farmhouse remodel and Jessica is having to ensure that their rugs are goat and dog proof. Yep, that’s right. Pet goats. I’m more of a wiener dog girl myself; but hey, I guess we all love our fur babies no matter the breed! [caption id="attachment_14011" align="aligncenter" width="640"]IMG_0609 Just another day at the office surrounded by fabric samples and tons of paper work![/caption] We have been attracting animals like we are Snow White this week! Ashley and I spent the afternoon measuring an older home so I could draw up some floorplans and as we were heading out the door, a giant Skink ran in the door and hid under a cabinet! We tried to scare him out the door but we were unsuccessful and decided to leave it to the client’s husband. (I’m sure he was more successful than Ashley chasing the lizard around in her heels, ha!) It’s crazy the things you come across when at a job site. Aside from the lizard, this job was very interesting. The family just purchased the home in hopes to update it and bring it out of the eighties. And while the eighties may have produced timeless music.. I can’t say the same for design! Overall, I think the house has really great bones and it was fun to step inside the space and envision how Ashley and the AGID team will transform it! Eventually, I hope to specialize in historical restoration so this job was right up my alley and I hope I get to see more of this throughout the rest of my time at AGID. Make sure you keep an eye out for next week’s intern diary entry!! Bye for now! Erin  

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