Almost trunk show time!

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IMG_4853 Hey everyone! Hope you are all getting exciting about our summer trunk show starting THIS week! Elizabeth Hawke of One Birds Nest and Vintage Green Jewelry are sending us some of their most special pieces for this show. We hope you will come in and see us and treat yourself to something unique and beautiful! paris-in-spring1 french-blues   arbor-faded-3   11659303_1165344626825509_224829808051895920_n   11088337_1101878153172157_2183873979887304388_n   1601060_1160043847355587_3441699045438054342_n   And don't forget about the PLEXUS party with Jenna and Katie!

“Plexus is a health and wellness company with products that contain high quality, plant based, natural ingredients that are gluten and GMO free. Those who have used the products have experienced weight loss, pain relief, better digestive health, improved blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, and more! Plexus is known for their “pink drink”, called Slim which was created for those with diabetes. When tested, Slim was found to lower Type 1 and 2 diabetic’s blood sugars, but those in the trial also lost weight, had better cholesterol and lipid levels, and reports of more energy. From there, Plexus launched Slim to the public and they have been changing lives ever since.”


We hope to see you here Thursday (from 10-5 with a Plexus party from 4-6) through Saturday (10-3)!


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