Overwhelmed by waiting

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Hey PARISH friends! Happy almost weekend! This morning I was reading my She Reads Truth Bible plan and just had to share some thoughts with you all! "Overwhelmed" and "waiting." Two words that seem to be plaguing all of us over here at AGID. Ashley is renovating a home in Montgomery, while running a business and a household, Jessica is renovating the most adorable cottage in Old Cloverdale AND is about to get married in FIFTEEN days, Meagan and her husband are renovating a home as well, and my husband and I are preparing to break ground on our home in the next few months. WOW. That's a lot of full plates. As women it seems as though we all feel we could juggle life a little bit better. Why does it seem as though we are constantly trying to keep our heads above water? Better yet, sometimes it seems like it is all we can do to just come up for air and grab a few breaths before the water is over our head again. [caption id="attachment_13920" align="aligncenter" width="526"]11694813_10155845292135217_2520103682084481084_n Life around here...complete CHAOS![/caption] Renovating/building homes seems trivial compared to other overwhelming issues. Below the surface lies personal aches and pains for all of us. Everyday struggles that go unspoken can tear at our hearts and act like cancer in our bodies. Other struggles aren't so quiet. Some of you are new parents filled with worry and going on little sleep, some are struggling with sending their little one off to Kindergarten in a few weeks, some have family and/or friends fighting terrible battles with illnesses and disease, some are struggling with loss that many can't understand, and some are waiting for a new season of life to begin whether that means a new job, a new relationship, a new marriage, or a baby....and some are just waiting for the promise of a new day, a new tomorrow. I am currently doing a She Reads Truth plan entitled "Women of the Bible". All types of women are found in those pages, but today's reading on Noah's wife compelled me to get on this blog and share my heart. How blessed we are to have this platform to share our hearts and minds (and even a little interior design fun from time to time). Noah's wife waited on the Lord with such patience. We can learn so much from that. Can you imagine being her and having your husband running around like a crazy person building this boat while proclaiming a great flood is coming because God told him so? So many women would run in the opposite direction! Instead, Noah and his wife waited patiently during an overwhelming situation and trusted in the Lord's plan for their lives. And as we all know God was faithful in His promises to Noah and his family. SRT-WITW-OT_instagramday3 The reading says, "It is easy to forget that God is in total control. Walking in faith might seem like a foolish gamble, but it is the walk He has called us to. His word may seem wilder than the antediluvian world, but His word is always true, always sure and reliable". Walking in faith when all around you is chaotic and overwhelming can be a  difficult thing to do. But what an anchor our faith can be for us...grounding us in the  promise of "more". The reading finishes with "We serve a God who fulfills His promises, and it is His delight to reveal Himself amidst a swirl of troubles. He calls us to be still and wait patiently, and in His goodness, even gifts us with the faith to do so (Ephesians 2:8). Even before the floodwaters swell over our head, He has already prepared a safe passage". WOW! It gives me chill bumps and such a GOOD overwhelming feeling of joy to know I don't walk these days and hardships alone. God has gone before me and prepares the road to meet my needs...even if that means waiting during overwhelming circumstances. He is merciful and He is faithful to keep His promises...we just have to be willing to trust. And sometimes even build a boat ;) Image-1 If you aren't familiar with She Reads Truth I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out. A community of women encouraging each other and seeking the Word can bring about change our society need so much.   Until next time! rebecca    

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