Meet Shauna!

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Hi Parish Friends! Happy Tuesday!! Hallejuah for sunshine!! I am so excited to finally have some good weather! Today, we wanted to share a little bit about Shauna, our Saturday worker at the Shoppe. I am sure that a lot of you already know Shauna from coming in the shop because she is here most every Saturday and if you have been in the shop lately you have been seeing her more often!! :) Shauna has been helping us lately with odds and ends because once again we are running around like crazy and need some extra help! (surprise, surprise!)

Meet Shauna!

[caption id="attachment_13757" align="aligncenter" width="398"]Shauna&Phil Shauna and her husband, Phil[/caption]

 RANDOM THING I’M GOOD AT:  Packing/organizing.  I'm basically a space planning expert when it comes to loading a dishwasher or packing a suitcase!   ONE THING I ALWAYS BUY EVEN IF I ALREADY OWN 12: Hammered metal anything...I can't say no!   EVERY HOME NEEDS: A cute dog or two to snuggle :)   YOU COULDN’T PAY ME TO:  Anything in front of an audience!   MY PERFECT SATURDAY: Thrift shopping for vintage treasures with some girlfriends, hiking with my husband and our dogs, and a fun dinner out with a view of the sunset!   FAVORITE QUOTE:  "Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love." - Mother Teresa   GUILTY OF SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY ON:  My husband would say rugs and lamps...but I have to disagree!   IF I COULD TRAVEL ANYWHERE, IT WOULD BE:  New Zealand would be amazing!   MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Hangnails   3 THINGS YOU’D WANT ON A DESERTED ISLAND… Tea, chocolate, and chapstick!  The essentials!   I GET EMBARRASSED WHEN…  I forget to respond right away to a text or email, and then it's too awkward to respond so late.  The struggle is real!   YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND THIS IN MY PURSE:  A tape measure.  I'm always working on a project and this always comes in handy!   BEST MOTHERLY ADVICE:  Whatever you do, give it your all.   FAVORITE CLASS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  I loved my art classes, but math was a favorite too.   MY LATEST ADDICTION IS:  Stalking Zillow for a house to fix up!   LEAST FAVORITE COLLEGE ASSIGNMENT…  Once I had to make an exact replica of a famous painting using just magazine clippings.  Insanely tedious!   We hope y'all enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Shauna and if you haven't met her yet come on down to the shop and introduce yourself!! We know she would love to meet all of you! And don't forget about our Parish Warehouse Sale next week! We are in full clean out mode over here making room for all of our new merchandise - we promise you don't want to miss this event!! meagan    

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Cecile Hamblin
Cecile Hamblin

August 14, 2015

we are in the process of getting our house on the market and Zillow. Our realtor is Justin Moody, Partners Realty. It is close to Ashley’s store, in the Garden District. As a matter of fact it was one of the three featured on House Hunters last night at 9:00.

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