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Hi Friends! We are so excited to announce that we have hired some REALLY fun interns for the summer and the fall! We have so much going on at the studio and we can't wait to introduce you to these lovely ladies! They are a perfect fit for our fun little group! [caption id="attachment_13622" align="aligncenter" width="464"]clueless because sometimes we can all be "so adorably clueless."[/caption] A few weeks ago, we announced that we were hiring interns and received a ton of resumes, phone calls, and emails! We were SO blown away by a hand full of these applicants! After sifting through and reading resumes and looking at portfolios, it hit me that we should really highlight exactly what real world designers are looking for in an intern in hopes that it will help other students on the job hunt! Ladies and gentlemen, these are the DO's and DON'Ts of applying for an interior design job: 1. This job is 85% personality... you have to be charming if someone is going to let you into their home and their family and create something beautiful for them! DO show us your personality! This can be through a happy little email or a fresh font on your resume! 2. DO follow up with a friendly email! We are crazy busy and often get sidetracked, so a fun little "Hey don't forget about me!" email shows us you are excited and interested! 3. DO use color on your resume! We are so lucky that our field is one where color is appreciated! Odds are that if you show up with a bland resume that you might not be the most creative person... just sayin. 4. DO NOT use Comic Sans or Papyrus fonts on your resume. Just don't, okay? If you must use something traditional, always select Georgia. If you're more fun than that (and we hope you are) check out Pinterest for some fun free font ideas! Also... spell check!! If you can't spell "residential" then you probably can't spell or pronounce "Thibaut." hire me pic 5. DO show us that we can't live without you! We hired one intern VERY early solely because we just could not imagine not having her with us! Between personality, portfolio, and her over-the-knee quilted leather boots- we wanted to be her friends and co-workers! :) 6. DO your research!! Know who you will be working for, what kinds of jobs the firm does, and the feel of the business! One applicant introduced herself by saying that she had followed our blog for years and felt like she knew us... and even commented about Cates and Rett! I basically wanted to hug her through email. 7. When it comes to your portfolio... DO NOT pull out a scrapbook with paint colors taped inside. This really happened, folks. A website, professional book, or a pdf highlighting your favorite projects is a better option to show us your talents! A little tip... show us what you're good at, rather than every project you have done in school! We want to be teased just enough to want to see more--- always leave us wanting more! Our summer intern's portfolio began with "her first floor plan"... she was 8 years old! Can we say charming?! It was the perfect introduction to her personality and her work! 8. DO make a friendly phone call! We can tell a lot by phone manners and the way you speak... and after all, you will be on the phone a lot, so you better be charming! When you call a firm for the first time, be nice to the person on the phone. DO NOT call a firm for the first time and ask for the owner or principal designer... True story: an applicant called a few weeks ago and refused to speak to anyone other than Ashley... my jaw was on the floor. Any guesses on whether or not we called her back? Friendly gets you far, people! 9. DO tell us all about yourself! We want to know everything down to your sorority so that we can find common ground with you! Between the 4 of us, we represent 4 different sororities and 3 different hometowns. We want to know where you're from, where you've been, and where you're going! 10. DO dress the part! If you're applying for a job in a formal office environment, wear a fab suit! If you're applying at a fun, laid back office, wear something stylish and less business-like! You can tell us a lot about yourself by the way you are dressed! Good luck students! May the odds ever be in your favor! :) jess-signature  

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