Ready, set, SHOOT!

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Hey friends! I hope everyone is staying warm during this terrible winter weather! I can't seem to get warm at all!!! Hopefully Mother Nature will lighten up and give some warm spring days soon.... Today I am going to tackle the subject of taking pictures for our portfolio, website, and for publishing purposes. You know those perfect little pictures? The ones where the light is streaming in beautifully and the orchid that sits atop the table is blooming to perfection, books are arranged just so and we all are thinking that whatever family lives in that perfect space must really have it together. Because I mean c'mon....if you walk into my home at any given moment you will find dog toys, dog food, dust, ALL coffee table items will not be on the actual coffee table because my husband can't stand them and the house is just in constant disarray it seems. I went on a shoot with Ashley and PARISH'S favorite photog, Holland Williams, this past Tuesday. Holland just had a baby girl YESTERDAY, but was sweet enough to spend the morning with us during her last few days of being a mom to two kiddos! She's a saint! IMG_3945 There are SO many behind the scenes things that happen to create a shot like this: lowrez-6757 It's hard to believe, but sometimes the items you see in those gorgeous pictures do not even belong to the homeowner...we take them along with us to stage the scene! Before this gorgeous shot I was cleaning the client's toiletries out of her shower and Ashley was hauling accessories and small pieces of furniture up a very narrow stairway. We are so thankful for opportunities to showcase our work, but let us be the first ones to say....all is not what it seems! When Ashley and Barrett's Felder home was featured in Cottages and Bungalows magazine the final product was amazing, but leading up to it there were a lot of runs to the store to get plants, flowers, lemons and so on! Every detail must look intentional and the number one goal is for the home or room to seem loved and lived in. A few weeks ago I was drinking my coffee on a Saturday morning and flipping through Elements of Style: Designing a Home and a Life, written by interior designer and blogger, Erin Gates. Her blog is so fun and my sweet sister-in-law, Whitney, gave me her book for Christmas. I love it! I came across a few pages where she explains what goes into a shoot and I was ROLLING!!!! I quickly sent a picture of the excerpt to Ashley and Jessica and they both responded with, "that's us!!!!" She used a timeline leading up to the shoot to explain the craziness. Day 1 begins with extreme excitement and celebratory drinks while day 6 includes her 16th trip to HomeGoods and a possible intervention from the store manager. Day 8 she writes, "The rug I ordered for the shoot is now not going to make it in time. Good thing I have one just like it in my own living room. Will have to get wine and spaghetti stains out of it ASAP." People, this is us at AGID!!!! She goes on and on leading up to the day of the shoot and I promise it will leave you in tears!


  It's nice to know we're not the only crazy ones who run around like a chicken with its head cut off before, during, and after a shoot. Nope, folks....things are not always glamorous, but we always seem to find the fun in those crazy times! Check back in a few days for our blog on our Cottages and Bungalows feature! Until then, stay warm!   Until next time! rebecca  

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