Looking Through the Oaks

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Hey friends! I don't know about all of you, but this warm weather we are having has me giddy like a little girl! Jimmy Buffett is on repeat in my car (I know, I'm jumping the gun on the summer tunes) and wine alfresco has been on my daily agenda this week! Unfortunately, it seems as though we are just getting a small glimpse of Spring...we're back to 50 degree weather tomorrow. Excuse me while I cry crocodile tears into my very hot skinny vanilla latte and don a very warm sweater for the foreseeable future. [caption id="attachment_13513" align="aligncenter" width="298"]image1 This is my baby, Willie. He likes dining alfresco in this lovely weather as well![/caption] OK! Enough about the weather! I have had a lot of friends ask me the latest on the house plans. There are some big updates and I am very excited about the progress being made. I haven't blogged about the house since November so let me go back a month or two! Last time I blogged we had just met with Chris and started the first steps in the planning process. We went room-by-room and listed out everything we wanted in a home. After that it was up to Chris and his wonderful team to create our dream home. No pressure...right?! We met with Chris for the first "reveal" of the plans the week of Christmas. No lie, people...it was as if Christmas came a few days early. After listing out the things we wanted in a home, but not really having any floor plan ideas it is a little scary. We weren't sure what to expect, but I was ecstatic. I think one of my favorite things about Chris and McAlpine Tankersley in general is that each home is so personal to the family living in it. I knew that he had listened to my crazy ramblings and now I had a floor plan sitting in front of me that represented countless hours of day dreaming, Pinteresting, and Houzzing. [caption id="attachment_13517" align="alignleft" width="669"]IMG_3638 This is the elevation for the front of the house. Because we have since changed some aspects of the floor plan, it will look different the next you see them. That cedar plank front door is to die for. -Insert emoji with the heart eyes here- Please excuse my terrible IPhone photog skills.[/caption] Wright, my husband, was happy too, but needs more time to mull things over than I do. That night included a lot of time spent hovering over the plans, a lot of wine was consumed, and there may have been a tiff or two... We were having a hard time grasping how big certain rooms would be just by looking at the plans. We pulled out the largest tape measure we had and starting measuring out the room sizes. This was a HUGE help and I highly recommend doing it if you are planning to build or renovate. It allowed us to say "oh...we could go smaller" or "whoa!! He gave us a big ole kitchen!!!!" A large kitchen was on our wish list. The kitchen didn't seem so big on the plans, but once we measured it out we realized how big it really would be. [caption id="attachment_13519" align="alignleft" width="669"]IMG_3640 This is the elevation for the back of the house. Once again...these will change. These elevations had me swooning in our meeting.[/caption] We headed to Birmingham to be with family for Christmas and lucky for us my sister-in-law studied architecture at Auburn (war eagle!) and was an architect for a wonderful firm in Birmingham for eight years. Bonus--she has impeccable taste. We sat down and went over the plans with her and told her some of our ideas on a few things we wanted changed and she gave us some great advice. [caption id="attachment_13514" align="alignleft" width="669"]IMG_3645 After a fun dinner full of great company and great drinks we came home to look over the plans with spiked cider. My family is fun. Isn't my husband handsome? Ignore the copious amounts of alcohol in this picture. Like I said, my family is fun.[/caption] On Christmas Eve morning we awoke super early and headed out on a little field trip through Mountain Brook. She showed us a lot of houses that she thought we needed to see because they had the same feel as our elevations (exterior drawings for those who don't know what elevations are...like me). It was chilly and raining and she had 25 people coming to her house for lunch in less than 3 hours, but she managed to show us some really beautiful homes. This also allowed us to decide what colors we were leaning toward for the exterior and also what kind of roof materials and stone we may want to use. She's the best sister. Ever. Once Christmas and New Years had passed we were able to sit down again with clear heads and look over the plans again. We met with Chris and went through the changes we wanted to make. Leaving that meeting was like it was Christmas all over again. Thankfully we didn't scare Chris too much. He said the changes we wanted to make were pretty easy fixes and he would be in touch to meet again after he had made them. Wright left and was so so excited. This was the reaction I had been looking for from him from the beginning, but hadn't seen yet. He and I were both on the same page and the stupid fights seemed pointless now that we were back on the same team again.  We know more tiffs will come...I am told if we can survive building a home together we can survive anything! [caption id="attachment_13518" align="alignleft" width="669"]IMG_3639 The elevation from the side of the house. These will change.[/caption] Here's to the future....may it have less tiffs, warmer weather, and more meetings with Chris that end with us doing the happy dance! We are meeting with him next week to see the changes he made to the plans and interior perspectives. More updates to come... Until next time! rebecca

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