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  Hey sweet friends! It's me again....and no I'm not here to talk about "Looking Through the Oaks"! When I got to work today, Meagan asked if I could write a blog post. I racked my brain for a topic that fit the holiday season, but wasn't a carbon copy of our Christmas post last year. I went back and looked at our very last post from December 2013. Things have changed drastically in just a year and BAM, I knew I wanted to go back and review 2014 for Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design.


January began with a fun trip to California for the National Championship! Ashley and Barrett headed west together and I hopped on a plane with my sister-in-law and flew to Cali. Well, technically we flew to Minnesota where we caught a flight to Portland, Oregon and were stranded for a night. THEN we flew to Cali! I had one of the best trips with some of my best friends and even though it ended in an Auburn loss and with me stranded at LAX overnight (that's a story for another time) I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat!!!!

[caption id="attachment_13410" align="alignnone" width="640"]blog Ashley and Barrett hanging out in Venice Beach[/caption] [caption id="attachment_13411" align="alignleft" width="669"]january Aren't my friends gorgeous? Fun Fact--that beauty on the far right just got engaged to my brother!!![/caption] Once we returned from our California vacay reality hit that another year was beginning and we needed some help! Over inventory and some pizza Ashley, Jess and I decided it was time to hire a PARISH shoppe manager! This was a game changer for us, y'all! We hired Meagan, but she wasn't moving to Montgomery until April so we did have to wait a few months. She was worth the wait! Just knowing she would come along soon was the light at the end of the never ending tunnel we have created for ourselves over here at AGID. February brought some much needed reprieve for us. We cleared our calendars and got our ducks in a row. We also got a phone call from a sweet stranger who has now become a sweet client. She and her husband bought a home on Lake Eufaula and we have had so much fun helping them renovate it. This fun project has a vintage feel with bold colors and patterns and fabulous wall coverings. Get excited...pictures from this project to come in 2015! Now we're marching on into March (see what I did there)! Please excuse the cheesiness! Even though it was still pretty chilly we were already thinking about warm beach days. We daydreamed of warm weather and sand between our toes as we put some finishing touches on a home for one of our favorite clients in Rosemary Beach. DSC_0934 As the weather warmed up our creative juices started going crazy. A fun, collaborative event with ExVoto jewelry allowed us to bring our talents to the table...literally! We designed a tablescape that featured fabulous jewelry, beautiful china, and greenery we stole from Ashley's mother-in-law's magnolia tree! Our thievery paid off and the table looked incredible! ExVoto 5 ExVoto 6   Holland Williams took those gorgeous pictures you see above! This event was so fun and it's interesting to look back because little did we know when pulled out the china to create this look we would be ordering china months later for our PARISH wedding registry! Speaking of weddings, Meagan got married in April! Isn't she a gorgeous bride?! bride After a honeymoon in Antigua and a move 3 hours north, Meagan was FINALLY ours!!!!!! We rejoiced...we hollered...we danced...we sang. Maybe she was the answer to our prayers...or just another reason to add more to our load. It didn't matter, our team had grown by one person, two more legs and two more hands to carry things, help move furniture, type emails, make notes. Praise the Lord...Meagan had started! After a busy start to the year and a lot of conversations over cocktails at the studio we did some daydreaming about how we wanted the business to grow and where we wanted to be. Little did we know, those tipsy conversations would lead us to where we are right now. Those tipsy chats were the catalyst to our future. So many things would come on the heels of those daydreams...hold on folks, because the ride from here on out will be filled with high speeds, bumps and some pretty great drops and free falls...... [caption id="attachment_13326" align="aligncenter" width="669"]1710 The start to our future![/caption] A new location inspired us to look for merchandise in new places. Ashley came into work one morning and declared, "We're going to Europe"! And we did. Well, Ashley and Jessica did. But I am getting ahead of myself. Before they could jet set across the Atlantic, they had an install for a huge project in Birmingham. Our plates are never too full over here! I spent my days booking trains and hotels in fabulous little towns in the English countryside while Meagan worked on our new website (among about a thousand other things) and Ashley and Jessica hit the road an hour north to install the project you see below. 1240400_10102432480421805_5937873371612396052_n 10502087_10102432473296085_1292459421404610913_n image1 Then the day had arrived. We said our goodbyes and sent Ash and Jess off to Europe! They shopped, they ate, they drank and they shopped some more. The inspiration ran wild as they shopped incredible antiques and ate in cute little cafes and slept in chic boutique hotels. And with that, the Graham Building was born. 10462622_10102389780692405_2436495309355087342_n 10414841_10102392769522765_5058971165238887517_n 10404141_10154390053835217_2936727298142363644_n 10514674_10102397361345715_7077429483010495837_n 10370973_10154366597665217_4286670463058357144_n After their return from Europe August was spent getting organized...well as organized as we can get over here! Drawings for the new building began and Meagan began prep for our Auburn Showhouse. Things picked up in September. We installed this spunky living room and who can forget the install at the Sigma Nu house in Auburn? We hope the boys love what we did and aren't destroying it!!! photo1-e1410980353174-620x553 [caption id="attachment_13425" align="aligncenter" width="639"]image I know this isn't much, but we will be blogging about the Sigma Nu install in the new year! Just a sneak peak for now! How about that beer?! We figured they needed a Bible front and center on the table ;)[/caption] 1911629_10154674088630217_4595342481444752183_n September was also the month for Meagan to show all the hard work she did on the Auburn showhouse! living dining SHOWHOUSE MASTER BEDROOM September was also a big month for me personally, as my husband and I purchased a little bit of land to build on! We meet with our architect to see his drawings on Monday so we will have an update on that  the new year! October is my favorite month and this year it was chock full of FUN! Cates turned four, construction began on the Graham Building, and Ashley and Barrett bought another home! Yes, you read that right...they are moving again! IMG_1854 1979538_10154823691630217_6786832061785709877_n [caption id="attachment_13431" align="alignleft" width="726"]IMG_3609 Ashley with sweet Rett in front of the new house! Details on this project to come in 2015![/caption] November brought cool weather and family time. Thanksgiving allowed us to reflect on all that we have been blessed with. Jessica bought a home and is in the process of renovating it! [caption id="attachment_13429" align="aligncenter" width="640"]1559577_10102764990209525_6477797250653348087_n Jessica's renovation! She will be blogging about this in the new year![/caption] As we make the final turn into December we are trying to hold on tight! We're currently packing up PARISH and moving to the Graham Building! We are still open through tomorrow, but will be closed December 20th until we re-open in our new location on January 5th! Things will be quiet on our little blog as we move to the new location and enjoy the holidays with our families. I have loved looking back on the last year. It is amazing how far we've come and crazy to think of all the changes that have taken place over the last 12 months. And to think it all started with cocktails and daydreams. We also know we wouldn't be where we are without all of you! Thank you for supporting us and our crazy ideas. Thank you for being loyal friends. We can't wait for 2015! Stick around because there is more fun news to come... We promise in all of this craziness we are taking a moment to remember the reason for the season! Happy birthday, Jesus! df001066cb75ecc66f79034489c98751 Until 2015!!!! rebecca  

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Zan Pappas
Zan Pappas

August 14, 2015

Love reading about the exciting times for Parish. Oh to be young and a Parish girl!

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