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Hey friends! I hope everyone is doing well since I last checked in! Last time I was over here I walked you through our thought process while choosing an architect. Today I am going to tell you all about our first meeting with him! [caption id="attachment_13329" align="aligncenter" width="669"]photo 2 Showing my dad and stepmom the property a few weeks ago.[/caption] A few weeks ago Wright and I were sitting on the couch and I casually asked him what his top five most important things in a house were. I had already been thinking about my top 5 since Chris first mentioned a program. Mine are as follows:
  1. Large kitchen geared toward cooking and entertaining
  2. Porch and/or deck with fireplace and grilling area for entertaining
  3. Mudroom off of laundry room (I'm married to a hunter who LOVES to drag mud into my clean home)
  4. Bring the outdoors in as much as possible...lots of windows are a must!
  5. A home that lends itself to raising children, but also meets our needs when children are growing up
When Wright answered I smiled and silently said to myself, "I knew I married a smart man." His top five were the same as my top five. Armed with our common goals and ideas we confidently walked into," HA! Surely I'm not that stubborn in getting my ways ;) First of all, the McAlpine Tankersley office is located in the A & P here in Montgomery and their office is absolutely gorgeous. Like jaw dropping, falling all over myself beautiful. The interiors are just perfection. I was eager and excited to have our first real meeting with Chris Tippett, our architect. I was also unsure of how the whole process would work and what that first meeting would entail. Wright and I each filled out our own "programs" and I also brought about 126257 pictures with me :) Kidding...kinda. [caption id="attachment_13328" align="aligncenter" width="669"]photo 1 Sunsets out there make my heart melt. So breathtakingly beautiful. Our God is good![/caption] So we sat down at a conference table and got down to it. We started with the room I would enter when I came home. The mudroom/laundry room. We went through our major wants out of that space and then went on to the next. We did this for each room until we had gone through the whole house. I think I had a picture for almost every idea I liked. Below are some wants in the common areas of the house, followed by what I am calling my "Dream Board". It is simply the pictures I used to describe my wants and needs in our home. Mudroom/Laundry Room:
  • large sink
  • Washing station for dogs, muddy shoes, dirty children, and smelly husbands ;)
  • Lots of storage space
  • Space for children to hang backpacks, coats, stow away boots, etc
  • Space for fold down ironing board (right now we iron in the study in our house...don't judge me)



  • Large farmhouse sink
  • Large island with build in prep sink
  • Possible breakfast nook or inviting sitting area
  • Storage space for the 687 serving dishes we own. You think I'm kidding? We received so many serving pieces for wedding gifts...thank goodness because we love to entertain
  • Appliance garage
  • Hidden coffee station


Living Room:

  • We are wanting an open concept kitchen/living room
  • Large fireplace (I am known to light a fire if the temperature dips below 60...)

Screened in Porch:

  • For starters, bugs seem to be a problem in our neck of the woods and I swear my blood is made of sugar! They absolutely love me! Due to this reason, we will need a screened in porch.
  • Grilling area
  • Large fireplace


Common Area up stairs:

OB-Common room

  • We contemplated putting a playroom above the garage for future use when our kids get older, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I don't trust my children. No, I don't have children yet, but I was a teenager once. There will be no playrooms in our house that I can't get to quickly if need be! So, with that being said,  our plan for now is to put an area upstairs where children and teens can utilize play space.
  A few things we asked Chris to keep in mind was our desire for a smaller home and a desire to bring the outside in as much as possible. We want our home large enough to grow into as a family of four or possibly five, but we also don't want a sprawling home. After all, children will eventually leave and one day Wright and I will find ourselves where we began...just us two. We also purchased this property for its views and beauty. I really want to be sure the outdoors become art in the home so a lot of windows are a must! Over all, I think everything went well and I am looking forward to the next meeting. Chris emailed us the other day to let us know he was done sketching and was ready to move on to dimensioned drawings. I can't wait to see what he does with our wants and ideas! The next time we speak hopefully I will have some sketches to share!   **Our property is located in the "Oak Grove" community in Pike Road, Alabama. There are still lots available. If you are interested in seeing this property or have any questions, please call Zeb King at 334-328-0581**   Until next time! rebecca

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