We're Moving!!!!

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It’s finally time to officially spill the beans!! The AGID Studio and Parish are moving!! Yep, that’s right...we bought a building and the renovation is underway! We are thrilled to announce that by the years end we will pack up the truck and move our little selves one big block down the street to 1614 Graham Street! Life over here is crazy, but it’s crazy good and we could not be more excited about what is on the horizon for Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design and Parish!

1710   1699

[our little piece of professional paradise...well, almost...]

Earlier this summer the opportunity to purchase the building arose and after much prayer and contemplation the papers were signed and we became the proud owners of that [^] wonderful hot mess of possibility. She was dusty, and dirty, and desperately in need of some TLC, but she was ours and our creative wheels began spinning out of control! It was AWESOME!! Together with the help of our dear friend and wildly creative architect, Scott Steen, we devised a plan and hit the drawing boards.  Our theme of “over the top cute” coupled with his vision of “streamlined whimsy” gave birth to this awesome love child that will soon be our new home!

new studio sketchnew-studio-sketch


[is’nt she somethin’---pardon the rough sketch]

To say we are PUMPED would be a gross understatement...we are like a couple of little kids on Christmas Eve and moving day is just 48 days away! AHHH! 

[que: freakout moment...ok, ok, I’m good...] 

If you see us between now and January 5th pour us a drink, or offer us a hug...it doesn’t matter which...we are going to need it! There is much to be done in the coming days, but watching our professional dreams come true is a blessing we can’t even begin to express our gratitude or excitement for -- it’s truly wonderful in every way! You know the emoji lady dancing in the red dress?? Yea, that's us all day every day!!


[there we go...]

So, what is in store for us after the big move you might ask??? Well, just let me fill you in!!  Parish Shoppe is growing!! Yep, we are gaining some much needed square footage  and we CAN’T WAIT to fill it with our amazing new inventory that will be arriving from Europe any day now!! That’s right, our hand selected European antiques and goodies have crossed the big blue sea and are en route to us as I type! Excitement abounds! Additionally, Parish will soon be offering an awesomely unique wedding registry and an expanded children's section!! Yay for more fun shopping options in Montgomery! Our design studio will be bigger too!! Yay for a larger library with more room for fabrics and finishes! This is going to be good, folks! We are growing all the way around and we are so thrilled to get into our new space and stretch our legs a bit!  It feels like this is just the tip of the iceberg of what's to come, but I hope you have enjoyed this little sneak peak of what's in the works over here at AGID! Stay tuned as the renovation and madness continues.  Be on the lookout for us -- we will be the ones running around looking sleep deprived and crazy -- if you see us talking to ourselves don’t be alarmed, we are most likely reviewing our growing “to do” list in our mind -- I promise you we haven’t completely lost it.  Not yet anyways!! Follow us on instagram to keep up with the progress!! #crazydaysatAGID #1614Graham #movinonup  Have a wonderful day friends! XOXO martha-ann

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