Everything I needed to know (I never learned in design school)...

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Hi PARISH friends! Today, we thought we would give you a little insight into a day in the life of the AGID girls! We joke that our little world could easily be a reality show- the daily antics and shenanigans are hysterical at best, and keep us smiling and on our toes! There are so many times that we say "is this real life?!"... and today we're giving you a little glimpse of what life is REALLY like at the studio! Don't be scared... well maybe just a tad. Just remember, we LOVE what we do and those we do it with! What I (really should have, but never did) learn in design school: 1. Bookeeping blows. No one tells you about billing, taxes, payroll, insurance, etc. in design school... and sadly, it's a big part of our job! There's a reason we were not business majors...Reality is harsh! 2. You will clean a client's toilet. or worse. (wait- is there worse?) True story- Ashley and I have both have found ourselves in situations where a bathroom needed to be photographed and the toilet had to be cleaned... with a paper towel. It's not pretty folks, but it's real life.  3. You will see scary things. This includes but is not limited to the following: underwear, things dirtier than underwear, filth, scary warehouses, and worse. You truly don't know someone until you've been in their home- and that's all I'll say about that! In addition, when we are on the hunt for something fabulous for a client, we aren't afraid to get a little dirty! Ashley and I are accustomed to digging through some REALLY scary buildings in search for the perfect piece. Real life: I washed bird poop off of my hands multiple times while in Europe digging for treasures! photo 2 4. Your meetings will not always be professional... but they will be fun! The photo below was taken at our studio meeting last week- no caption necessary :) photo 3 5. Your clients will become your best friends. Maybe we're biased, but truly- our clients are the BEST!! Interior Design is a bonding experience, so it's hard for us to leave even when everything is finished! We like to think we are part of the family and we get very attached! 6. You will learn how to stand your ground and speak your mind. I have always loved Diane Von Furstenburg- and hearing her say "You don't have to be a bitch to be successful" has always stuck with me! We have learned to be assertive and direct in getting what we want for our clients... and Diane's 100% correct. It is very possible to be a nice girl and still be successful- I like to think that we are living proof! 7. You will be a psychiatrist. and a marriage counselor. Client meetings are so entertaining sometimes, and playing therapist is absolutely a part of our job! I think some of our clients will agree with this.... :) 8. You will have an entourage... and they will make your life much easier! From our installer to our seamstress to our movers to contractors to painters, we have an amazing group of people in our circle that save us on a daily basis! The photo below is of our sweet seamstress Susie! Fire treated drapery smells SO weird- love her for that sense of humor! photo 4 9. This is a man's world. We love (most) of the guys we work with everyday, and while we love our southern roots- we don't so much love being called sugar, honey, and darlin. Take notes boys! Unless we're married, pet names are unnecessary. 10. You will totally love your coworkers (if you're as lucky as we are!) I work with the most precious and talented women, and the fact that we get to create beautiful spaces and have fun doing it is the best! :) studio pic I hope you all enjoyed our little truth session today! Have a fabulous week and we hope you see you soon! Until next time, jess-signature

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