Renovation Blog: Finish Selections and What I have learned

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Happy Thursday Sweet Friends! I hope you all have enjoyed the Renovation series thus far. Today we are going to discuss an important aspect of the renovation to help maintain a timeless look: finish selections. **Subway Tile: This is a super easy go-to for bathrooms and kitchens.  We usually use a medium tone grey grout.  It's even available at Lowes or Home Depot.  If there is a little extra money in the budget, a hand mold subway is my all-time fav! imagesJ46RHLY2   **Small Hexagonal Mesh Back Tiles: We like to use these for shower and bathroom floors.  Again, these little guys are very cost effective. 4df613e15f09e9815a59d440b9fcb71e   **White Marble for Countertops: Its been around forever and only gets better with age. aristone-marble-001   **Cross Handle Plumbing Fixtures imagesNYA92WG9   **Plumbing Fixture Finishes: This is a question we get quite often...We generally specify polished nickel or chrome for historical renovation projects. untitled   These are just a few of our favorites finishes we typically use in renovation jobs. They are all so timeless!! Switching gears a little, I wanted to share some the most important thing that I have learned from these projects. For starters -- and I mean this in many different ways -- a house is just a house. My parents still live in the same house in Baton Rouge they bought when I was 4 years old and I have wonderful memories of "home". I truly want our family to have similar memories and sentiment and I want my children to remember “home" the same way I do. I hope our next project will really be "it". Time will tell, but I have learned I am not in control. I get VERY attached to every house we renovate! (Barrett says I get waaaaaaay too attached.) So much goes in to the renovation process...thought and design, time and detail, sweat and frustration…along with a lot of reward!! So for me, it is very hard to let them go, especially when I was sure we had finally found our “forever house”... (this has happened a few times ;) ) southern-living-magazine-620x620

797 Felder Avenue was featured in the March 2013 issue of Southern Living

While living at 797 Felder (what I thought was our "forever house"), I was taught a lot of things. This was the first time I had to learn a house is just a house. You can’t take it with you…it’s just a possession. Houses are just things; things God lets us enjoy, but ultimately belong to him. We renovated another house as an investment property while living in our “forever house." When the housing market crashed along with the economy 5 years ago, this newly renovated house had just gone on the market. We prayed and prayed for God to bring us a buyer. My prayer went something like, “God, thank you for both of these houses you have so graciously given us. I really, really love this “forever house” we live in and we need you to sell the other one.”   Little reality check over here…I was quickly reminded everything we have, HE gave us. I learned (not very easily) how to have a thankful heart for all HE has given and to let HIM choose our path based on what HE sees best. So, long story short, we soon sold the “forever house” and moved into the investment house, which we also loved.  At the time, the love for the new house seemed to be less than the love for the "forever house". Looking back on it now, I know the love was simply different, not less or more. As a result of HIS timing, the 18 months in the "investment house" became some of our happiest times as a family! :) We will have a few more posts in the coming weeks to continue the renovation series, but we also have lots of fun things coming with client installs, events, and some exciting new development on our end :) Stay tuned and keep reading... xoxo, signature-Ashley_small

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