PARISH Mother's Day Favorites

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Hi PARISH Friends! We hope that you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather that we finally had!! I know I sure did!! We wanted to start the week off by showing everyone some of our favorite goodies around the store that would be perfect gifts for those special mothers in our lives! All of these little treats would be perfect for mothers of any age, so come by the store to check them out in person! Picture Frames are always a great gift! We have a lot of different options in the store to chose from and what a thoughtful gift to give with a picture already in the frame!! 283A8175 283A8203 Small Boxwoods would be such a great "happy" to give...And we have all shapes and sizes! Boxwoods are such a perfect way to bring some greenery into a home and liven up a spot! 283A8190 283A8173 Coffee Table Books are something that in my opinion you can never have too many of...They are the perfect accessory for any room in your house... on a coffee table, on a bed side table, on some book shelves, etc... Write a little note in the cover and it is such a great gift that can be kept forever! 283A8207 283A8208 Bubble Bath and Bath Salts would be perfect for the mother that needs to relax and even pampered a little bit! I know my mom would probably never treat herself to something like this, so this would be a something that I could give to her that would be a total luxury for her! 283A8171 The Gold and Silver Crosses that we currently have in the store are so sweet and a small trinket that could be placed anywhere around the house! It is something that would be a constant reminder of the gift they were given on such a special day! 283A8188 Of course you can NEVER go wrong with a nice candle for any type of gift on any occasion, but again this is something that people might not typically treat themselves too! We have tons of different scents in the store... this is my personal favorite at the moment, French Oak Currant!! 283A8204 Votive Candleholders can dress up any space and would be perfect to put on any table around a centerpiece or a mantle! 283A8184 We have the most adorable soap dishes in the store right now that wouldbe such a great gift, as well as, some heavenly smelling soaps and hand creams to pair with it! Another simple luxury one might not splurge on for themselves! 283A8172 This is just a small round up of a few of our favorites, but we have so much more in the store... SO COME SEE US!! And if you want a little more Mother's Day inspiration, please check out the blog post that our friends at Ex Voto Vintage posted about our event that we partnered up for! It has some great recipes and entertaining tips if you are the lucky one hosting your family for Mother's Day Lunch!! Ashley also made her very own gift guide with her favorite picks from the jewelry line!! Until next time!! meagansigsmall

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