Meet the new PARISH Shoppe Manager!

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Hey friends! Like we mentioned in our last past, we have some exciting news! We have hired a PARISH Shoppe manager and we couldn't be more excited!

Meet Megan!


Meagan is from Mobile, but will be moving to Montgomery in April when she returns from her honeymoon! Her fiance is Montgomery native, William Rhodes! We will let her properly introduce herself to you when she gets here, but wanted to tell you a few things about her until then!

RANDOM THING I'M GOOD AT:Organizing!! I have a slight case of OCD, but Ican make any closet or drawer look perfect! ONE THING I ALWAYS BUY EVEN IF I ALREADY OWN 12:Chapstick...I probably have at least 6 in my bedside table EVERY HOME NEEDS:Fresh flowers, preferably orchids and a great candle! YOU COULDN'T PAY ME TO:Go skydiving MY PERFECT SATURDAY:Sleeping in, Spending time with my family and friends, shopping, and eating a great meal! FAVORITE QUOTE:"The most important thing is to enjoy your life... To be happy... It's all that matters" Audrey Hepburn GUILTY OF SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY ON:Purses! They are my weakness... IF I COULD TRAVEL ANYWHERE, IT WOULD BE:The Greek Islands! Santorini, Mykonos... They all look amazing! MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE IS:Tardiness.. I hate when people are late!! YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND THIS IN MY PURSE:My planner... I absolutely have to write everything down! BEST MOTHERLY ADVICE:Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself! FAVORITE CLASS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:math MY LATEST ADDICTION IS:A tie between Candy Crush (why is it so addicting?!?) and the TV show Scandal... Olivia Pope is amazing! I hope when Meagan gets here everyone will come by and get to know her! She is super sweet and we know y'all will love her! We have also hired one intern for the summer, but we are looking to hire one more! If you are interested send your resume to! Don't forget about our Wine Down Wednesday event, next week on the 26th! 25% Storewide discount all day and giveaways and wine start at 3:00! We will also be featuring art from Elizabeth Hawke of One Birds Nest! We hope to see you here!   Until next time! rebecca  

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