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Well, Christmas is almost here and we're slowly, but surely slowing down around here...wait, no we aren't! That was  a complete lie! I feel like there is no calm before the Christmas storm. It's go, go, go and then it's "go time". Things will eventually slow down here though...when we close for the holidays! We will be open on Monday, December 23rd, but closed Christmas Eve through January 2nd. If you need us for anyone reason call us (334-262-3231) and leave a message and we will get back to you when we return from vacation. What will you be doing this Christmas? Ashley is heading to Baton Rouge to be with her family and Jessica and I will be staying around these parts. I for one can't wait to see my niece and nephew...I am actually heading to Birmingham tonight to have a fun, festive night with my sweet niece, Lucy. We're going to decorate a gingerbread house, drink this yummy hot chocolate I found on Pinterest and watch a Christmas movie. I swear Christmas is a thousand times more fun when you have a child to share it with...everything seems brighter and more magical. So, I'm sure many of you are thinking, "we don't care what y'all are doing for the holidays....who won the giveaway?!?!?" Well...the winner of the beautiful "Plains Afternoon" painting is lucky number 18!


After Emily was randomly chosen we scrolled through our comments section to read hers...and it brought tears to our eyes. We wanted to share her comment with y'all. Emily says, "The best gift I have ever given was an anniversary gift I gave my husband the year after he returned from deployment in Afghanistan.  I secretly stashed cash away over a period of months by taking out a little here and there when I made purchases with my debit card.  I didn’t want to tip him off at all about what I was doing, so I didn’t even ask him what he would like to do as a celebration.  I surprised him with the cash for our anniversary, and he used it to buy a watch.  The expression on his face when he opened the card and saw the cash was priceless.  He had no idea!  I love being able to surprise someone like that."

Congratulations, Emily, and thank you for your family's service to this country. Please email me at to arrange pick-up or delivery!

Lastly, we have had MANY people inquiring about the progress of Ashley's latest project on Felder Avenue! It's coming along, people! Right now they are unpacking boxes, working on landscaping and the awnings are being built and will go up soon! Expect a big update with lots of pictures after the new year!

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for making 2013 so special! We appreciate our loyal readers, customers and clients so much! We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday and remember to slow down and remember why we celebrate this wonderful time of year! Happy birthday, Jesus!

See y'all in 2014!!


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August 14, 2015


Thank you so much, Rebecca! I am so excited about this! Thank you so much for the giveaways you have offered. I have enjoyed participating in them, and I cannot wait to see this painting!

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