Sick Days

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"Sick day" has become the norm over here for almost a week. Sweet Rett woke up sick Wednesday night and was sick for the next two days and my Cates started last night. The stomach bug is my least favorite thing. Both had to be taken to the doctor to get a zofran shot. I was honestly afraid that their little bodies would be immune to it as they were pretty much "made" from the drug. I seriously rationed out my zofran pills while I was pregnant. Apparently they are not immune…it worked. Below is a pic of sweet Cates from this afternoon completely lifeless. Cates sick The only plus to these last few extremely unproductive days was that I got to play Mom all day long. I did answer phone calls and reply to emails, but I was at home and got to love on these little love bugs all day long. I got to sit and just rock Rett forever and it wasn't all about how fast I could get him to go to sleep so I could get on to what I needed to do. He and I rocked and laughed at each other for so long that I didn't want him to fall asleep. Oh, I love that little guy!! The pics below are from today (where no one got out of their jammies all day). You can tell he is feeling much better and that Mommy really needs to clean out her closet. Rett shoes Rett hiding I often feel terribly guilty for working my tail off and not being at home 24/7. I sometimes wish I just had a normal 8-5 job and could leave everything at the office. Today, one of the many recent "sick days", I am thankful for my little business and mostly the amazing girls that keep it all together and a husband who pitches in. I get the joy of doing what I absolutely love AND get to play Mom. As much as I hate that these little ones were sick, I sure loved every single minute of loving on them all day long. Here's hoping sweet Cates is looking more like this tomorrow than the pic above. Cates pumpkin patch

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August 14, 2015

Hate the bug made it to y’all too. :/ Enjoy those snuggles.

Cindy Barganier
Cindy Barganier

August 14, 2015

Trust me, I understand all of your emotions. Been there. Feeling them all over again now that I am a Grand and can’t just drop everything and run. Makes your heart sad.
Love on them as much as you can!

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