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 Another week of my internship has come and gone. Week 5 was busy one. We had a little 4 legged visitor this week. Let’s just say, the first day the puppy arrived we did not get much work done. However, she is one of the most well behaved puppies I have ever seen!

Adorable Little Puppy Who Needs A Home!

photo(8)Other than puppy sitting, I have gotten a lot of experience contacting trade personnel. We received a pendant light for a client that had a wire shortage. I had to contact the company, tell them what was wrong, and follow up to make sure a claim was filed. I also had to call companies and get pricing and dimensions for a lighting packet we are putting together for a client. Needless to say, many phone calls were made. This job is great at helping you find your voice.

We also received more furniture for PARISH, two chairs and a sofa. The first step was to figure out where to put the new items and where to move other pieces. Next was setting it all up.  Then we finally got to try them out, they are soo comfortable!!!


The other thing I got to do was ride with Ashley to Selma. We went to take final pictures of a renovation project. Everything was so gorgeous and I instantly fell in love with it all! It was neat to set up different scenarios to be shot in each of the spaces. I learned how important it is to really be creative and get different shots that you normally wouldn’t think of. For example, changing the direction of the camera angle can completely change the picture. image   So even in week 5, I am still learning things every day. I don’t think there will ever be a day where I won’t learn something from these girls. Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

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