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Hey there! Allie here... It's week 3 of my internship for the summer, and guess what? I am surviving! I think I can definitely say I am starting to get the hang of things around here. I'm a senior at Auburn University going through the interior design program. I am originally from Miami, Florida and moved up here for school. Needless to say, coming to Auburn was a big change; but interning for the summer in Montgomery, Alabama has been a big change too. Loving it!! Still need to learn my way around the town though, thank goodness for my GPS. The past two weeks of my internship have flown by. I have made plenty of phone calls, had meetings with clients, been to Grayton Beach for a house installation, done AutoCad drawings, talked pricing with fabric representatives, organized, filed, re-arranged PARISH and so much more. Think I’m getting experience? I DO! Better to be busy than bored, right? I have been meeting all the people that help Ashely put her thoughts and ideas together for a project. The first person I met was Steve, the drapery installer. He showed me on day two of my internship how to install drapery and how to tell which drape is left handed or right handed. Yup, as you can see, Im learning a lot! It's been really neat to see how Ashley, Amanda, and Emi work together. They literally can read each other minds and know what each person needs. They are a fun group of girls to work with and made me feel welcome from the second I started. I am learning a lot from all of them, and they are all so helpful. I think this will be a summer of fun, learning, and of course designing wonderful interiors! Here are some pictures of my first 3 weeks:

Grayton Beach House Installation on Day 2 of Internship

allie 3

Helping Steve Install Drapery In Grayton, Fl.

allie 4

Rearrange at PARISH - Come Check it Out!

allie2 allie 1 Look for another post next Friday! Allie

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