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Hello world.  Things are crazy, a good kind of crazy. Absolutely loving life with two babies...not quite sane yet...not sure if sanity will ever return.  :) CATES & RETT We are working on 4 months of life with two kiddos and I am just beginning to see the light, I think.  I am totally in love with this little guy and he has been an easy baby.  Barrett reminds me often that Cates was "waaaay worse" than Mr. Rett is.  He weighs almost 16 pounds and will be 4 months tomorrow.  Cates weighed 16 pounds at her first birthday.  He generally sleeps through the night...Cates was over a year old before she even considered attempting that.  Needless to say, I have no reasons to complain...every moment is a gift.  I am learning quickly that they get big too quickly and that I don't want to miss a single word or little coo that comes out of their mouths. Cates's newest expression as we head to Publix (and pass Starbucks) is, "Mom, you're not going to stop at Starbucks today?".  I wish you all could hear her sweet serious little concerned voice, as if I NEED my Starbucks.  She can totally order for me at the drive through. "Grande half caff mocha please"...she knows it by heart.  It may be a little obvious that I have needed my share of caffeine lately. In all seriousness, I am really missing them during the day when I am not around them.  (Don't misunderstand...the few hours of silence after everyone is asleep are glorious.)  I kind of want to go sneak in the bed with Cates and just "cuddle up" as she says.  And sweet Rett has sneaked into the big bed pretty much every morning around 5am because he and I are missing snuggling.  I am learning that there is nothing on this earth more important than family. Even though it has only been 4 months, it is virtually impossible to picture my life without sweet Rett.  It is crazy to think how different things would have been if almost 4 years ago we would have been able to bring home healthy twin baby girls.  If we hadn't lost Reid and McAdory, there probably wouldn't have been a Cates.  I thank God for her little life every day for so many reasons.  Through losing babies and having babies, the sanctity of life has become so real.  Life is such a precious, precious gift.  In honor of Reid and Mc (who are hopefully getting to have pig tails in their hair and swinging so high in the biggest swings in Heaven) and my heart, my Cates, and my little love, sweet Rett, we will walk this weekend in the Sav A Life walk at the zoo.  I can't think of any better reason to participate than to honor our 4 babies. Please join us this Saturday for a fun walk around the zoo to honor your baby or someone you love.  Registration starts at 8:00 and the walk starts at 9:00.  It is just $10 to walk and the proceeds ALL go to saving little lives and honoring the sanctity of life. If you can't participate on Saturday, we covet your donations and prayers.  Both save lives daily.  Please support this amazing ministry and honor a little life that is important to you.  I am a sponsored walker this year and the link to my page for sponsorship is below, and it is very easy to donate directly through the page. I have a goal listed, but any contribution you can make would be much appreciated, even just a dollar!  The link to donate to Sav A Life is here: SAV A LIFE Love you all!! RETT & FAMILY

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