Holiday Quick Fix

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Happy Holidays! I can't believe it is time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since I am approaching the end of this pregnancy, I can't go home to Louisiana... so, all the family is headed this way! I am super excited to host everyone. My extended family consists of two little ones so my immediate thought is, "How can I get my dining room ready for lots of sticky fingers and holiday eating?" Seat covers are the perfect, quick solution to protecting your dining room chairs during the holidays or just sprucing up the chair bottoms you have. [caption id="attachment_6953" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Chair Before[/caption]

These are some of my favorite seat covers. These just tie on to absolutely any dining chair. They don't have to "fit" a certain size. And they are MACHINE WASHABLE and come in white and flax!! Soooo easy and only cost $60 each! We are going to give away 2 of them before Christmas for one of our weekly Monday Giveaways so stay tuned! Or, let us know if you're interested in ordering any! xoxo

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