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The interns are back from our mini vacation! I had a fabulous time celebrating my favorite birthday (other than my own), but it's great to be back in the swing of things at Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design and PARISH. Our apologies for the absence. We've had an extremely busy and productive week in the studio. Lucy and I worked our muscles taking down 40-some-odd drapery panels, in 5 inch heels, in the heat. Not that we're complaining! We also paid numerous visits to each of our sub-contractors who are probably ready to string us up by the chandelier chains we've had them hang. We've been working them hard! Throw some client meetings, studio cleanup, and book keeping into the mix and I think it's safe to say we are pretty darn good multitaskers. I'm going to assume that our frequent readers are already aware that it takes very little to excite the five of us. All we need is a little "happy" to turn our day completely around. Our happy this week (in addition to our cupcake break) was this awesome water cooler. AFGID is going green, folks! No more buying cases of water bottles twice a week for us. We're thrilled! [caption id="attachment_6547" align="aligncenter" width="372"] The watering hole[/caption] Finally, we've got a great smelling candle to give away! We appreciate all of your sweet comments and entries on last week's blog post. Unfortunately we can only pick one winner. Without further adieu, the lucky lady whose name was drawn is Sarah Hickman! Woohoo! Feel free to stop by PARISH to claim your prize, or give us a call if you're an out of town PARISH reader and need it shipped.

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