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It's time for a SALE!!!

EVERYTHING IS 20% OFF - this Wednesday and Thursday ONLY!

Here are some pics of what we're loving in the shop right now...

1st, sofas. We have THREE!

[caption id="attachment_6185" align="aligncenter" width="496" caption="JULIAN SOFA BY MG+BW - Ours is in a beautiful chocolatey grey linen."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6186" align="aligncenter" width="496" caption="CYNTHIA SOFA BY MG+BW - Ours is in a pretty flax linen."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6187" align="aligncenter" width="496" caption="OAKLAND SOFA BY BSC - In a soft cream linen SLIPCOVER!"][/caption] Ashley loves the Oakland so much that she ordered one for herself and cannot find a bad thing to say about it. I'm not kidding y'all when I say that it is the most comfortable sofa in the world. We also have a TON of cocktail/accent tables! Here are some of my favorites... [caption id="attachment_6194" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="STAG LEG TABLES"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6195" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="HARPER IRON AND MIRROR TABLE"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6196" align="aligncenter" width="347" caption="CHRISTIAN END TABLE - LIMESTONE"][/caption] Other personal favorites.... [caption id="attachment_6201" align="aligncenter" width="496" caption="TABLEWARE BY SKYROS DESIGNS"][/caption] We will gladly do personal orders and registries!! Be on the lookout for a blog post about these fabulous dishes really soon. [caption id="attachment_6208" align="aligncenter" width="496" caption="ANTIQUE IRON PENDANT"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6211" align="aligncenter" width="260" caption="AQUIESSE BOARDWALK CANDLE"][/caption] If you could bottle up the beach and turn it into a scent, this would be it. I'm obsessed. We have 5 in stock but you might have to beat me to 'em! Hope to see y'all tomorrow!

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