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Well, here we are on week 2 of the internship. I think it's safe to say I'm surviving, but this week sure has been a crazy one! Monday and Tuesday were busy trying to get things in order for the two out of town installs. There were A LOT of phone calls being made. I feel like I called the shipping company a hundred times from Monday morning to Tuesday evening.  We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of a sofa that we had to have for the install on Wednesday morning. Last we heard from the shipping company, it would be here Friday (as in last Friday) or Monday morning. When we called Monday, they told us they couldn't guarantee the delivery by Wednesday morning. Well after the many phone calls, and maybe a little sas, we got the sofa to the movers on Wednesday morning just in time for departure. On Wednesday, I got to go on my first install. I was so excited about it, but I had no idea what to expect. To start the day off, I was terrified! Not even kidding,  I thought I had a lead foot until I got in the car with Ashley. I seriously think she does EVERYTHING in a rush, but we made it safely. When we arrived in Troy, the magic just happened. The movers were fabulous, and Ashley just did her thing. It was so neat to see how her vision turns into reality, and how she uses some of the clients existing design along with her design to make it look awesome! I did, however, learn the importance of clean hands. Dirty hands=dirty furniture. It wasn't me, but it did happen. I really enjoyed meeting the clients and their sweet fur babies. They had the cutest, sweetest little white dogs. I know Amanda would have been obsessed ( I think she actually loves animals more than me) so I snapped a photo of one of them. Seriously, how cute?! [caption id="attachment_5920" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="My new friend from the install. Check out that hair-do!"]>[/caption] At the end of the day on Wednesday, I was one tired intern. I went home and had my very own Wine Down Wednesday. I complimented my glass of wine with a brownie and a bowl of ice cream. I'm the judge, and I decided I deserved it. Then I  was still so tired that I over-slept by an hour on Thursday. 8:00 a.m. in Lucy Land is like noon to most people. My dad would say I slept away my whole day, but whatever I was tired. Thursday was the big beach install. I missed out on that one. Emi is on vacation at the beach for the week, so she gave up one of her days to meet Ashley for the install. I don't know of anything that went on down there, but hopefully Emi can give you guys an update next week when she's back. I think everyone's nerves have calmed down a bit with those 2 installs done. We are all awaiting the return of Emi from vacation. Her second in 3 weeks. I know,  how jealous are you? We all are! She's going to come back all brown and tanned. After the installs, the studio is finally looking normal again. I'm seeing the tops of tables and counters in this place that I haven't seen since I've started. [caption id="attachment_5921" align="aligncenter" width="734" caption="Finally! A clean studio!"][/caption] Anyways, to wrap up my week, I still haven't learned my way around Montgomery. I can get maybe 2 places pretty easily. One of them being 1.5 miles from the studio, but other than that I am still one lost puppy. Evidently there's a Sterling Bank on Taylor Rd. that I still have yet to see.  I'm starting to get the hang of everything else and becoming a familiar face to some of the sub-contractors, so I can't complain about much. I'm looking forward to the end of this week, as I'm sure most of you are. I want to give a big thanks to all of the military men and women out there and their families. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day!    

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Jennifer Berry Senn on Facebook
Jennifer Berry Senn on Facebook

August 14, 2015

Sophie made her blog debut! Great meeting you too! Glad you survived. I was as tired a you.

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