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I guess I should start by introducing myself to all of the PARISH readers out there. I'm intern Lucy, but I just go by Lucy. I am privileged to be interning with Ashley this summer, and to share some of the behind the scenes fun that goes on at PARISH. This was my first week on the job, and fun it has been. I sent my mom a picture of my desk on the first day and said, "I didn't dive right in, they pushed me". There was nothing but truth behind that statement. I was meeting sub-contractors, speaking with sales people, and learning how to do estimates. All on day 1. [caption id="attachment_5865" align="aligncenter" width="521" caption="The Intern Desk...Where all of the magic happens"][/caption] The studio is as crazy as expected. It's a constant go, go, go. Organize, clean, organize, clean. I've learned it doesn't matter how many times you organize and clean, it doesn't stay that way for long. I've also learned that of all of the people you deal with in the interior design world, you're bound to have that one "bad apple". Luckily I haven't had many this week, but I did get to witness Emi with one. It was quite a treat. I know Emi from college and she doesn't have a sassy bone in her body....or so I thought. Those Auto CAD tech people thought they were going to hack our computers. Not on her watch they aren't. There's been a lot of moving and rearranging going on this week with the closing of the Hampstead location. Ashley sent Emi and myself to Hampstead to get pillows because we were running low in the Cloverdale store. Well, pillows she got. We have so many now that we gave Amanda one to sit on at her desk. You know we have to take good care of the bun in the oven. The only difficulty I can honestly say I've had this week, is learning my way around Montgomery. I'm from small town Baldwin County and have lived in Auburn for the past 5 years so this is the big city to me. I'm learning...slowly. So if you guys are out and about and you spot a grey 4Runner that is clearly lost, help a sister out. When I came for my interview back in April, the girls told me that I would learn to carry heavy things in big shoes. Well, I've just about mastered that. I've also mastered knowing when to wear flat shoes. [caption id="attachment_5866" align="aligncenter" width="536" caption="Shoeless Joe, also known as Lucy, sorting fabrics. This was a big shoe day, should've been a flats day. I've learned."][/caption] Needless to say, it has been a fun week and I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer. There's still a lot to learn. Mind reading, mainly. Ashley loves it. Next week will be a fun week with a lot on the schedule including 2 out of town installs! I'm tired already. I hope everyone has had a fab week.  The other intern, Rachel, and myself will do our best to keep you guys in the loop. I look forward to meeting some of you this summer! Happy Weekend!

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