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For those of you haven't heard me go on and on and on about Sav A Life... I am involved with the Sav-A-Life foundation.  Feel free to read back on past blog posts as to why this organization is so dear to my heart.) This year' s Sav-A-Life "Walk for Life" event is TOMORROW, yes this Saturday, May 5 at the Montgomery Zoo. Sav-A-Life is a Montgomery ministry promoting a culture of life, health and morality. Your support will enable the women coming  to our center to hear about LIFE ... both for their unborn children and for them to have spiritual guidance. Please join us in our effort to see women choose life for their babies and for themselves.  All services we provide are free and confidential. This year I have decided to set my goal to raise $3,500 for the "Walk for Life" event. You see, we are in a little competition... My initial goal was $2000 and it was actually MET earlier this week because you all are so wonderful and generous!!!  So in an effort to raise money for a wonderful cause (and to maybe win)...I upped the bar just a little.  If you haven't already donated and feel led to, please see the link to the donation page.  Even $10 is HUGE!!! Ashley's Donation Page ALSO, we would love, love, love for you to participate as a walker on Saturday; it is $10 per person...normal zoo admission.  Plus, there is free blue bell ice cream.  If you haven't been to the zoo lately, you will be slightly obsessed and just might stay there until they close.  Seriously, I was kind of like a 6 year old last time Cates and I went.  I often wonder what the heck our great God was thinking when he created some of these animals...enough said. On a different note, another way to help support Sav-A-Life is by buying the car tag when your car is up for renewal.  Below is a copy of the colorful car tag you can display to help promote awareness for unborn children. Sav A Life gets about $40 per car tag.  It's just one small way to show support and help Montgomery's ministry!

Thank you all for your support! It is appreciated way more than you know!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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