The MOST wonderful time of the year!!

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So, we finally made it to Baton Rouge. Driving 5 hours with a little one is so much fun...HA! We arrived around midnight Thursday night.  Regaradless of the drive, it has been tons of fun so far. My mom always has a house full of food and lots of wine.  Needless to say, after one meal here I have already been thinking of how fun it will be to run these extra calories off in the next week. Everyone was home and accounted for by Friday. My sister Katie, husband Robert, sweet nephew WEB, my brother Brianand Mom and Dad.  B's precious girlfriend joined in the circus with us Christmas day. She's brave. :) Here are a few photos of the Christmas season thus far...

Not liking this Santa
Little better?
Cates and WEB sporting their Christmas PJs
Cates helping open Mom's presents
Santa did a good job!!
WEB, Gran and Cates
We have had a WONDERFUL Christmas.  To top it off, we officially have a WALKER!!  Cates took her first continuous steps Christmas night.  She is very proud of herself, as are we.  What a fun Christmas surprise!!
Praise the Lord for Christmas and all of it's glory and precious family (albeit crazy and super fun).  I hope yours was filled with just as much joy.  Merry, merry Christmas!

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