Friday Favorite: Easy Do-It-Yourself

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For today's Friday Favorite, we're highlighting these fabulous lamps. Believe it or not, we actually did these ourselves. Here's the back story on these guys. (He has an intentical mate that you can find alongside him at Parish!) Ashley found these awesome antique capitals and decided that while they were unique and pretty on their own, they were destined to be made into lamps. How does this work, you might ask? For starters, we took them to the experts over at Stonehenge and got them to "core drill" wiring into the bases. Basically, a hole was drilled into the center for the wires. We decided to use a candle to raise the height and interest. Once the bases were taken care of, we specified the candles from Stonehenge and they melted some wax on them to authenticate the age of the bases. How does one wire a candle into a lamp? You wire a candle by drilling a hole through the middle (aka core drill) and then the electrical stuff sits on top of the candle. We then topped them with a linen pleated shade. From discovery of the capitals to completion, the turnaround time was about a month. Voila, what was once a separate capital and candle is now a pretty awesome accessory. Have a great weekend and come by and see us today if you can. It's the last day of the Fall Free For All Sale and a great time to check that piece you've been eyeing for 30% off!

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