Friday Favorite: Designed To Sell Give Away!

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This week's Friday Favorite post is dedicated to our brand new "Designed to Sell" concept that we introduced to our blog readers on Monday. The concept is simple: we offer our design services with one goal in mind:

Your house = SOLD.

Below is the excerpt from our link on the blog.
Thinking about selling your home? Is your house already on the market? Had a few lookers, but no bites? Maybe your home is perfect for you, but might need a few changes to be appealing to buyers. Let us help! “Designed to Sell” is a service to make your home even more presentable to prospective buyers. Our goal is for your house to sell for the highest dollar in the least amount of time. With a versatile look, your home will sell faster than others in its price range. We work with what you have to update the space without spending a lot of money. Whether your home needs a little simple rearranging or a major traffic flow adjustment, we will provide you with the knowledge you need to get it done right! We may recommend areas in need of a good de-cluttering or even suggest a new paint color or a change in window treatment. We will also provide the homeowner with valuable tips about lighting to help showcase your home. What our service includes:
  • During the initial consultation, clients are expected to take notes as we discuss how to make your home appealing to prospective buyers.
  • If rearranging or heavy moving is required, we will suggest movers to help the homeowner with a little muscle power.
  • If painting, refinishing, installations, or repairs are needed, we will provide contact information for professionals we trust to get the job done effectively.
  • One time consultation fee: $250
  • Follow up visit: $85 per hour (if necessary/requested)
  • Professional interior photographs to help showcase your home: $100 (optional)
We look forward to helping you get that SOLD sign!!
Now, for the fun part.

We need a volunteer!

To get the ball rolling, we are going to offer our services for FREE to one lucky reader. We would love to hear why you think we should help you sell your house. We will select the winner based off of your comments (pics are great too!). Stipulations: your house needs to actually be on the market and we may use some shots of your home as "before and after". We can just about promise you'll have more bites on that real estate hook than before. Go ahead and send us your comments and pictures! We're eager to get working and would love to feature your home right here on the Parish blog during the process and especially when we're finished! We're as eager to show it off as you will be. One more thing before you go. Since our Emi put this project together, it's her turn to say "War Eagle!"What a good looking bunch they are! Have a great weekend!

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